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Photo of the Florida Capitol with the words Legislative Update 2023

The 2023 legislative session is in its third week and we have already seen major legislation passed and signed into law by the governor. One new law will result in devastating cuts to your school district and will giving payouts to students who attend private schools or homeschool-- regardless of family income. There are also bipartisan proposals to get positive things done for students. Bills strengthening suicide prevention programs and expanding children's access to healthcare continue to receive unanimous support in committee. It is up to us to advocate for the resources our students need.

It is critical that we tell our elected officials what we want for our children, teachers and public schools.

Read the update below and visit the Advocacy Dashboard to take action for students. We make it easy to identify and contact your legislators via email and/or social media. Together, we can advocate for policies that invest in children and support their future.


Protect kids from harmful cuts

Although the governor already signed his priority bill to expand education vouchers- estimated to cut more than $4.6 billion from public school funding- we must advocate to keep public school budgets whole. Students cannot afford this massive giveaway of precious dollars.

So far, the House only budgeted $210 million for the new voucher program but the Senate recommends $2.2 billion, with an extra $350 million in reserves for the Family Empowerment Scholarship, while the House is seeking to set aside $110 million in case more children apply for the scholarship than anticipated.

Tell politicians to invest in our children and the public schools where the overwhelming majority of Florida's parents choose to send their children.

Advocate for bipartisan suicide prevention bill

Bills in the House and Senate that would study and strengthen the state's suicide prevention programs passed their committees with unanimous bipartisan votes. The Rules Committee must hear the bill before a final vote in the Senate and the full House is poised to vote on its version of the bill soon.

Suicide is a major public health issue and the second leading cause of death among youth. The good news is-- suicide is preventable Preventing suicide requires strategies at every level- for individuals, families, schools, and communities. 

Thank lawmakers for their support of the bipartisan effort to strengthen suicide prevention programs. 

Support bipartisan bill for kids' healthcare

A bill that would give more of our state's neediest children access to basic health care has bipartisan sponsorship and passed through its first committees with unanimous bipartisan votes. The House version of the bill has one committee stop left and the Senate bill must be heard in two more committees.

When children are healthy, they are ready to learn. Healthy children lead to healthy communities where all children can have a strong start and reach their full potential. According to the Children's Movement of Florida, our state ranks near the bottom in terms of providing our children with access to quality health care. Without routine screening, only an estimated 30% of children with developmental issues are identified before they reach kindergarten. Early intervention can support families and caregivers to promote success in school and in life.

Tell Florida lawmakers that you support the bipartisan effort to expand access to basic health care for children. 


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